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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  May 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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,3 3 3 trt=20trt=10 & 3 a ten year old boy is among four peoole injured aa guufire's here along east hoffman where sources say .... multiple individuals firee shots.the child were told was was sitting inside a car at
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phe timeeit's suspected drugs somehow played a role in this shooting.officers were showing residents a picture of a an holddnn a gun... in hopes of solving this case. (fisrst lady) 2:09 we didn't see anything but we heard gunshots // around here on hoofman street we had kids out in the yard playing i grabbed my little cousin and took hhm in the house and she was upset 1 individual during their n onee - word on his say all four victims are lice - another shooting... eaves... & condition... / this.. time in.. west baltimore..../ it.. &p hhppened... about 1-1 this afttrnoon.. dolphin street..../homicide.. called.. to the cene.. ee after a man.. was shot in the chest../. no.. word ..on a suspect.. or mooive at this hour. p3
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new concerrs tonight after a &pfox 45 investigation caughtta bribethis viddo shows ann hired by the state to collect - child support waiting for what he thought was a bribe. money he solicited to help a father deal with a ddsputed child ssppoot debt.but since this video aired, several other parenns have come forward to say the system needs major of those parents, salisburr reisdent sean tomlinson ays his child support payments went to an abusive mother who had lost custody of his daughtee. now the state wants hhm to pay...twice. their job, somebody ddopped the baal, and now i;m paying &pfor their mistake" mistake" tune into tonight at fox news at ten to learn about another parent who took his battle with childdsuppoot to court...and won a conttoversial new plan.. could help keep more fire commpnies open in the city. the city council is set to hear a plan to raise ffnds for the fire
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department... by allowing advertising on the city's fire trucks.thh city began rrtating closures in 2010 because of budget shortfalll.there is a public hearing this fternoon in city council ccambers on the measure. 3 and that brings us to our question of the you think baltimore city should put advertising on its fire trucks? to... foxxbaltimooe dot com .../ áátelláá us ...what you offf.. thru... us... a tweet../.// - ááoráá... textt.. your answer 45--203...///. ááenteráá... fox45a... for yes../ páfox45báá there ii heavy criticism tonight... aimed at a state ptudy designed to determine the impact one chemicca has on reducing ticks, and the spread of lyme disease.. tickssare responsibll for the spread of lyme disease... howard county is one of the areas hardest hit, with almost one new case reported each dayy mooe than 6000families are participating in aastate study.they have consented to allow one application of the
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pestiiide 'bifenthrin' on their property. ut opponents argge the chemical is dangerous. (veronika)"i think this s a poorly designed study, and what hey should have done is tested through the dept of agriculture..univ of md..test it and see how effective it is on controlling ticks.. the the cdc and dept of ment health and hygeine should have spent the money on ducating people on how to prevenn tick borne il" illnesses." families participating in the pesticide study this year are getting a chemical s already in he - commercial uss. a.. day of celebration.. ass. nearly 1,000 mmdshipmen.. graduate from the naval acaddmy..../ defense adressed the crowd.... / a and.. after a decade of war,... he's calling on the new gennration.. of naval officers.. to restore maaitime roots. 3- ---- blue angels fly over--- under the roarrof the blue angels... came the cheers of mee ann women in uniform...for nearly one thousand midshipmen.... this is the moment they've been waiting for.... graduation day. day. 08:59:21- 08:59:28nathan: feeling alot of excitement, a
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little bit nervous, but its definatley a great feeling, i'm humbled by thh experience, humbled by the history before me. it took four long years.... of hard work.... for nathan jester to reach this moment.... 08:59:38- 08:59:48 nathan: you know i just fllsh back a little bit to all those horrible yyar when i was struggling, be - phen i was chopping through the hall, also plebe chemsitry wasnt fun either, but here i am.and now the nexttchapter begins..... 9:01:13- 09:01:21 patrisha: right now just pure excitment, ready to go for the next up soon and im running on that one.for duty in just one month ... but for this class of 2012 ... the mission is already clear.... 08:31:48- 08:31:59 sure our fleet remains to make unrivaled by any other nation pn earth a call of duty from the
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pentagon chief... defense secretary leon panetta. 08:35:58- 08:36:13"one of the key projects that your generation will have to face is sustaining and enhancing american strength across the great maritime region of the pew generation of america's nnval officers, he outliied " we must be preppred to :38:10 confront any challenge, but the ey to that region is going to be to develop a new era of defense cooperation betwwen our countries, one in security burdens in order to advance peace in asia pacific and arrund the world" 09:01:40- 09:01152patrisha: you know, we signed up during a time of war, we'vee understand the challenges that ourrgoing to put on our shoulders aad that when we're ready to takk on theechallenge and lead the mazing sailors and marines out there for us, challenge they accept with - they set sail for the fuuure. 3
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---hat toos nats--- how areethe roads lookiig tonig? tooight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. report. mapmapmdot- 695 at 295fiber- 83 at shawanmapmap mapmapfiber- 83 at shawanmdot- 695 at 295 fiber- 83 at shawanmap map she's supposed to be your trusted, personallassisant... for the i-phone 4-s.but ásiriá
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is reporttng on all the questtons you ask it. it.we're joined by a lawyer ..for take action tuesday.. your legal rights... - and how to prooect your 3 does the -o-p have their man? it's shaping up to be a "the guy just tood his head flesh in his mouth and growled." growled."new informmtion tonight in the case of a the face of another man. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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we continue to track a developing story out of plorida where aaman ate another mans face and was shot deaddby pooice. thhre's new nformation this hour about the attacker, 31 invessigattrs hink he may have been on bath salls, a nee intense, lsd style high. whee police found eugene, he was naked nd tearing into with his eeth. the pfficer shouted at him to stop but theeman just growled at the officee shot eugene several times, kiiling him. poliie ddn't yet know the identity of tte hhmeless his face and currently in of critical condition ii a miami hospital.
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3 a... big day... for... mitt romneyy.../ after... a... year long nomination,.../ the... forrer massachusettt &pgovvrnor expected... to officially ecome... átheá... republican candidate for president. president. jennifer davis explains that it's the company he's keeping in las vegas this evening that's also garnerinn a lot of attention. 3 mitt romney's bben cammaigning for almost a year aad has beee tth exxected gop nomineee or weeks. but today he'll likely make it officially - nooination once deeegate-rrch texas holds its primary.romney saay: "looking forwarr to tte good news." romney's spending this day --nottinn texas - but campaigning in colorado and nevada and laterr attending a vegas fundraiser with donald truup. the two men's collaboration is generatingga fair amoont of reality tv star continues to c citizenship. obama video: "whyywon't he showwhis birth certificate?" obama's re- election team has releasedda
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stand up to what they allege are the voices oo extremism in his party. the ad says - even his preeecessor wws wiiling to do that. obama video: (wooan) he's an arabb.(mccain) no maam. no maam. romney &psays: "you know, i don't agree ith all the people who support me and my guess s they don't all agree withh everything i believe in. but i need tooget 50.1 percenn or more and i'm appreciative to have the help of a lot f good peeple."davis says (oncam tag): "theepresident is from his wife. the first lady is making he rounds to talk about tte release of er first book aboot the whiie house &pgarden - and the reasoos she thinks herrhusband deserves to be re-elected. in washington, jennnfer davis, fox news." 3 congressman barney frankkis apologizing tonight....over that oke he made about the trayvon martin ccse....innthe middle of a college graduation. graduation.speakiig attu-mass dartmouth's commencement ceremony... congresssan frank made a bizarre reference to the caae... when he was praising an african aerican civil rights actiiist..... hubie jones.... who received an honorary doctorate.
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"one of the great mee that i work with.....i'' particularly pleaseddthat hubie got an honorary ddgree today. you know, when you get aa honooary these and hubie, i think you now got a hoodie you can wear and no one ill shoot at yyu. the audience was splitton the reaction o the cooment... some people seemed appplled... and other laughed awkwardly. a... memorial day trip... to the ballpark... when... a... girl... falls 20 feet... to ground. this... is... cell phone video... her dad capturrd..../ as... ... of a climbing wall../ she.... lets go.../. the.. ccble doesn't lett like... it's.. supposed to,.../ it... eems to snap ..and... she falls flat onto her back... afttr a 20 foot plunge.../. her... horror.. as his daughter... slammmd into the ground..../.
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thh marlins ..have closed the rock climbing wall.. emily's... in the hospptal.. with back and neck injuries. earlier we old you about a unique proposal to raise money in baltimore council is considering a plan to put advertising on city fireetrucks. truckk. and that bbings us to our question of the you think its a good idea to put advertising on city fire tr? trucks? lor writes on facebook...."no want is this city coming to?" to?" but aarifah prites..."if it's going to help keep heefire houses open &pyessnot a bad idea." idee." many of you aaen't too thkrilled with the idea so far. go... to... fox-balttmore dot coo .../ áátelláá us ...what you thinkk..//. áásoundáá facebook...///. áásendáá us... tteet.././/
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text... your answer - 45--203...///. ááenteráá.... foxx5a... for yes../ ááfox45báá 3 health applications are pothing nnw... until now.why you'lll e paying the price for missing that gym workout. 3 --addlib weather tz--
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3 two... named storms already, .../ ann... hurricaae season... hasn't officialll started yet.../.exxerts... at... the nattooal weathhr average season..... that's.. ten po eleven nammd storms... of which... four or five... could become hurricanns.../.still... a... massive stormm. is all it takes.. / which... is... why experts say.. stock up now on waaerr... canned food make suree.. you know where tt go,... if you needd
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to leaae home. & what sprrng??i think we jumped right to summer. summer.another day in the see a little reeief? vytas reid is here....
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3 a deadly isease linked to your work schedule...what part your work shift plays.
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i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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boom! new researcc finds that common painkillers, uch as aspirinn may help preveet some forms off skin cancer.'s been shown in
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previous studies hat taking infllmmatory drrus.. which pnclude aspirin, naproxen and ibuprrfen... can decrease your likelihood of developing some typps of cancer.but now doctors out of denmark have found these medications might decrease the risk of developinggthe three major types of skin cancer... includiig the most serioos... malignant melanoma.of course.. more reeearch is needed. pomen who work thh night shift more than twice a week may be increasing their breast cancer a test... results show women who worked the night shhft had a forty percent hhgher risk of breast ccncer.. aan that risk went up for those same womee who described themselves as a ánight personá.. rather than a &pámmrninn person.áálthough still unclear... some believe this could be because of the increased stress and the disruption of natural circadian rhythms. here's some news... that might have you second-guessing your next trip to the pool. pool.a new survey... by thee
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water quality and health ameeiccns admits to peeing in public pooll.and if that's not bad enough... 70-percent of people also admit they ddn't showwr before going for a dip. the council says aations like these aren't just gross... they're unhealthy.the organization is now providing free pool test strips this summer... so swimmers can check the p-hand chlorine levels before getting in. at... a time... when &pairlines.. are adding all &psorts of harges for everything.... from seets to baggaae... / another fee's,... in the works. works.the t-s-a... backed by senate democrats... wants.. to innrease the "security fee"... everyone ppys with a ticket... from.. 2--50,.. to... five dollars... for a.. one-way ticket.../ ten.. dollarr for a round trip.../.t-s-a'ss. bb cut ... and.. &pthe agency says.. boosting this fee.. covers.. costly items... liie.. scanners..../the. fee.. has not been raised in 10- years. it's... graduation season... / many.... &pcollege grads.. are leaving school... drowning in... debt.
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debt.critics say.. the problem is... tudents ..are being trained.. in degrees psychology and fine artss... / and.. not nough with degrees in engineering and accouuting... which can earn more money. morici says: (off cam)"today the schools donnt emmhasize the importance oo commerce and engineering technology. (on emphasis on social history and on doing good in tte world. we &pcertainly need social workers engineers. 5:12:34e also need 5:12:34student debt totals 870-biilion dollaas..../ that's.. more debt than americans holl in credit cards or car loans. .../ on ... july 1st... inttrest rates on federal stuuent loanss are set to double.... unless lawmakers take action. a new exercise app is forcing users to hit the gym... or pay &pthe price. price. the i-phone appp is called "gym pact"... and it requires users to work out a certain number of times a week... or pay at least 5- bbcks... each time theyymiss a workout.some people trying it ouu... say it definiteey motivates you.
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komaiko : "i tried a lot f stuff and i found that i really just wasn't sticking with nything."-butt to- komaiko: "you go to the gym, you make money, you don't go to the gym you lose money. " " sticking to your fitness plan.. you an even earn cash.theecreators behind &p" gym pact""are two harvard students... who wantee to test the theory that peoole would be otivated to loose... if their cash as at stake. 3 a new way to raise funds...why fire trucks mayybe the answer to the city's money problees. 33 --adblib weather tz--
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. four people are shot ncluding a 10 year old boy after gunfire erupts on memorial day in east baltimore. baltimore.


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